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About Chinese Linguistic Data Consortium

       Chinese Linguistic Data Consortium (ChineseLDC) is a nationwide voluntary entity, legally registered by researchers engaged in establishment of Chinese linguistic data (including phonetic data). It is an academic, public-catering and non-profitable association, aiming to unite numerous researchers in this area and then to establish a universally accepted Chinese linguistic database so that to enhance Chinese speech disposal to an international level, by offering assistance in relevant fundamental research and the development of application, meanwhile to push forward the Chinese linguistic data processing technology. ChineseLDC starts with “Image, Speech, Natural Language Understanding & Knowledge Exploration (Subject No. G19980305) supported by the Layout Program of National Key Foundation Research and Development (973), together with Chinese Hi-tech Research and Development Layout Project “Generally Technical Research and Basic Database Establishment of Chinese Platform” (Subject No. 2001AA11401).Subordinate to Chinese Information Association, ChineseLDC takes in the professional guidance, and supervising management from it, and meanwhile set up its office at Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

      The goal of the establishment of ChineseLDC is to set up a general linguistic database of Chinese Linguistic Data, which embodies the Chinese linguistic database currently in the lead internationally. To achieve this, ChineseLDC is managing to create and collect open Chinese linguistic data which are the most integral, authorized, systematic, encompassing the Speech data required in various areas, such as lexicon, language corpus, data and instrumental references, and thereby to set up a uniform series of standards and criteria for the clients. While creating and collecting, ChineseLDC distributes existing data to departments for education, scientific research, governmental purposes, and development of industrial technology, to offer support to the fundamental research and application development of Chinese linguistic data processing. In this way it can enhance the development of Chinese speech information processing technology, to make it possible to keep its pace with relevant technology in English, and to make Chinese amongst the international general languages.

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