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1、Is CLDC a non-profit organization?

Yes. This association is founded by the Committee of Linguistic database Establishment and Management, composed by the researchers which are engaged in establishing Chinese linguistic data (including text and phonetic data), and registered as an academic, public-catering and non-profit oriented legal society.

2、Is CLDC an independent corporate body?

No. This association is administratively subordinated to the Chinese information processing society of China, operationally instructed by the Chinese information processing society of China, and under the supervision and management of the Chinese information processing society of China. The Committee of Linguistic database establishment and Management (hereinafter referred as the board of directors) set up under the Chinese information processing society of China is to be in charged of the supervision and management of CLDC.

3、Is assets management of CLDC independent?

No. Assets management of this Association is handled by the Chinese information processing society of China.

4、 What is the aim of CLDC?

The aim of CLDC is, by uniting and organizing workers in the field of establishment of Chinese linguistic data, to establish a universally accepted Chinese linguistic database which is up to international state of arts in Chinese information processing, and to provide technical support in relevant fundamental research area and the development of application. Only in this way, can the Chinese information processing technology be put forward continuously.

5、 What is the difference between general users and the member of CLDC?

The member of CLDC is the person or corporate body who fills out the member application and is approved by the Chinese Information Association and the Committee of Linguistic database Establishment and Management. According to the constitution of CLDC, the member will enjoy the high quality service (including obtaining free linguistic data resources of the association, enjoying the discount of purchasing data, getting information service of the association, etc.), perform member’s obligations. But, the general user is the person who registers on CLDC website, wishes to download some data samples and gets open information service from CLDC. In order to get more information or better service, we suggest you join CLDC and become a member of the association.

6、Why data purchasing is divided into different types such as domestic academic purpose, foreign academic purpose and non-academic purpose of commercial organization?

Because there is some difference in economical development and income between domestic and foreign, and different use goal will result in different profit, so formulating the different price system is in order to protect the rational profit of Data Providers.

7、How we should do for our first use or there is something wrong with the using of the resources after purchasing?

CLDC will provide technical support for all vended resources. The reply will research you in the least time based on uniform service.

8、Is supporting for the technique developing involved in the technique services after purchasing?

答:The technique services we provide include the following aspects: the explanation of the format of the resources, the consultation to relative technique and the insuring of the correction of the resources. We do not provide the supporting or service for technique developing in principle.

9、How to get the resource data?

As long as you fill in the protocol of purchase, mail to us, and pay a sum of money in advance in terms of protocol, you will get the resources. Now we hand out resources mainly by mailing, partly by e-mailing. Change of mailing is taken on by user.

10、 What criterion should be complied when the resources want to be entered?

Firstly resources should accord to the criterion of Chinese information processing technique. CLDC will auditing the description of data、specification、technique document、quality of resources etc.

11、What rights will be owned and what services will be taken by membership?

答: Membership will own the following rights in terms of “constitution of CLDC”:

(1) Take part in team activity;

(2) Get free resources provided by LDC;

(3) Own the priority and favorable right of team services;

(4) Own the right of criticizing, advising and supervising to team’s work; Membership will take the following services:

(5) Membership will periodically receive relative data about the state of building resources, and the samples of new resource;

(6) Membership can use partial resources free prescribed by us;

(7) Membership can take the discount for commercial resources (70%-80%).

12 Who will own the version of the resources of CLDC?

Groups (or individual) providing the resources owns the version of resources.

13 What is domestic research price and overseas research price?

Domestic research price and overseas research price are parted by proportion of assert configuration of the group. If the investment from foreign affiliate exceed 50%, it is called “overseas”, otherwise, it is called “domestic”.


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