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Multimodal Emotion Recognition Challenge (MEC 2017)
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After more than one years construction, CLDC has accumulated a variety of precious linguistic data, among which the following data have the condition for release, We wish these resources could promote the progress of the research, education and development in the field of Chinese Information Processing.

CLDC is constructing resources continuously, and will issue the newly created resources regularly.

Welcome to join CLDC., the member of CLDC could get its linguistic data in a favorable price, membership will be free at present.  



1, If you want to provide linguistic data, please contact with us through filling in the providing letter to Email: . Be care of including the following information in your letter:

a. The name of linguistic data, and its versions.

b. The institute name of data provider.

c. Whether the provider has full property right of the data, if not please give all correlative institute.

d. Whether the providing resource is granted by sustentation fund, if yes please give the fund name and serial number.

e. The approximate size of providing data (the size unit: Mega-bytes, if the data including sound or video please give data time, if including text please list each size in byte of all text category)

f. Some representative samples.

g. The description of providing resource and its main function.

h. The contact information of providing resource.


2, After receiving the providing letter, CLDC will contact with the provider in one week, and arrange the providing procedure;

3, Providing resource content. CLDC will check the consistency between the description of resource and resource content;

4, Signing the Data consigning agreement (Sole agent) and Data consigning agreement(Non- sole agent)

5, Submitting data;

6, Sharing profit with CLDC according to the Data consigning agreement (Sole agent) and Data consigning agreement(Non- sole agent) and offering essential technical support.


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